TransPharMed helps medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to plan and implement business strategies critical to accelerating profitability and growth.  We help companies to build a culture of trust and strong leadership while incorporating business systems executed by high-performance teams. This results in a highly-engaged work force who drive innovation, develop loyal customers, and deliver world-class profitability.  Our seasoned experts average over 25 years of experience with a wide range of industry expertise.


"Thank you for helping me fight message fatigue.  This was the most in depth conversation I had with any physician.  I definitely made an impact on how he will treat patients."
- Whitney B. (GSK)

"Thank you for the feedback which allowed me to know what could work and what will work with my customer engagement. The greatest impact you had was pointing out just how effective asking a simple question can lead to multiple avenues of conversation to uncover the needs of the customer while also directing Anoro into their patient population simultaneously."
- Daniel H. (GSK)

"Kirk is a great coach, inspiring to his colleagues, and goes out of his way to fight for his team as well as for his customers (not to mention customers love him). He was instrumental in helping me develop professionally, personally, and achieve my career goals."
- Octavius J. (Tornier Surgical)

"Kirk is the consummate professional. He exudes the qualities that we read about in best-selling books in terms of leadership, coaching, and business savvy. His abilities to build relationships in an authentic way while giving strategic& Critical thinking insight to his clients are exemplary. I would recommend Kirk without hesitation to be a leader, partner and associate in ANY organization."
Sam K. (Takeda Pharmaceuticals)


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